Colonising the West Coast of New Holland

The Lords of the Admiralty received information that the French were takingan interest in the west coast of New Holland. After the revolutionary wars,the French took up the idea of establishing a convict colony in New Holland based on the same principal as Botany Bay. One area considered was Sharks Bay, being  the same latitude as Rio de Janeiro, strategically placed for measurements in astral navigation.The French surveyor Jules  Blosseville  prepared  a  detailed  report to establish a French Penal Colony in South West New Holland in 1826, which triggered letters to the secretary of the English Admiralty, John Barrow in March 1826 to Governor Darling in New South Wales, ordering the establishment of an outpost  [ page 52, book ;  James Stirling by PamelaDrew].

A British post on the West Coast of New Holland would be adventitious to shipping to India  and  Malaysia and to Cape Town. King George Sound had been used for repairs and water supply since established in 1791, which was first formal claim of possession for Britain, made by Commander George Vancouver, but could not command the Indian Ocean. It was officially established by Major  Edmund  Lockyer in 1826 by New South Wales Governor Ralph Darling when it was first called Fredericktown but was officially called Albany in 1832.  Other outposts were set up at Melville Island, Fort Dundas, on the northcoast of New Holland in 1824 in what is now the Northern Territory ofAustralia. 

The establishment of the settlement caused the border of NewSouth Wales to move west  from the 135th meridian to the 129th. The settlement was organised from Botany Bay to become a military and tradingpost to partner Singapore to trade with Asia, but was plagued by misfortunes and closed and abandoned in February 1829. Port Essington , on the CoburgPeninsula in 1824 and Fort Wellington in Raffles Bay in 1831 had similar problems. 

When both  Fort  Dundas and  Fort Wellington failed within several years, the Port Essington site was revisited and officially named Victoria, was surveyed by Charles Tyers in 1838, consisting of 24 houses and a hospital. The town  was also finally abandoned in 1849, as The Swan River Colony was established in 1829 as the Capital of Western Australia, KingGeorges Sound  being part of the colony in 1832.  In England, Sir George Murray in the Colonial Office, May 1828, did not want to grant a charter or to incur the expense of a new colony at the SwanRiver when it was suggested  by James Stirling. The interest of Thomas Peel's  Association of investors was a deciding factor for the government to make it a crown colony.   As it was financed by outside capital, Solomon Levey became a silent partner to Thomas Peel and was kept a secret for 4 years. Darwin was founded in 1869, the harbour was discovered in 1839 by Stokes in the Beagle.James Stirling became Governor and Commander in Chief of Western Australia, including all islands adjacent in the Indian Ocean and Southern Oceans as defined in Stirling's Commission received early in 1832. Officially Western Australia was named in 1832 but the name Swan River colony  was  still usedfor many years.

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