More West Australian History

A Personal Challenge

It is now evident that over a long period many Dutch sailors found a new home in Western Australia, albeit without choice, after having been shipwrecked.


From the evidence that we have so far, there were a number of white (Dutch) colonies. These were discovered after James Stirling claimed The Swan River Colony for the English Crown. It would have been somewhat of a dilemma to him because of possible political repercussions with the Dutch - if it was ever found out.

This is probably the reason why the details of these historical events were not given any publicity. However, they were recorded and they are enshrined in both the Battye Library in Perth and libraries in other states. The internet is also a good method of narrowing the gap but the actual publications are not on the Net - only their whereabouts.

The VOC Historical Society Inc. has set as its task the collating as much evidence in order to recreate a picture of some 200 years of history.

We have found through our activities that The Indigenous people are also interested. Although their history goes back some 40,000, the encounters with the Dutch in the 17th and 18th century have had a cultural impact on them, which is of anthropological significance.

The VOC Historical Society is looking for people who have some time on hand to research some specific material, thus helping to put a piece of Australian history together.

The emphasis is on Australian history, and not Dutch, for all they knew in Batavia and Amsterdam that a ship and its crew were lost, with no inkling as to what happened to them or where they were. 

Therefore virtually all research can be done here in Oz.

We would truly welcome your help and we are within each reach by snail-mail or email. 

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