The Gilt Dragon Incident 
by Harry Turner
This is a fictional account of the final voyage of the United (Dutch) East Indies Company) ship Vergulde Draeck or Gilt Dragon from the Netherlands bound for the East Indies (now Indonesia) in 1655. 
On the 28 April 1656 she ran onto a reef 5 kms off the west coast of the Southland between the present day towns of Guilderton and Ledge Point in Western Australia 
It tells the story of one Abraham Leeman - the understeersman (second mate) of the ship - and his heroic efforts in getting help and then returning to look for his true love, other survivors and the treasure .... 
This is an absorbing story of love, drama, courage and determination based on historical facts.                                               
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 The Duyfken and its master Willem Janszoonby Joan I Smith

When in 1606 a small Dutch ship named Duyfken made a landing on Cape York Peninsula it turned out to be the first recorded visit by Europeans to the Southland (Australia) - 164 years before the arrival of Captain Cook. 

Very little was known of the ship's Master - Willem Janszoon. Yet his life and career were quite remarkable for, although he started life as a foundling, he became a valued member of the United (Dutch) East Indies Company (VOC). 
Beneath the exterior of an ordinary man he was a clever navigator and strategist which ultimately led him to become an Admiral and Governor of Banda. The story, which is a reconstruction made up of both fiction and historical facts, has a page turning quality. 
A heartwarming history for young and old alike.    
 AUD$ 20.00 incl postage.



These reproductions are only one of a kind. They depict the might of the VOC in Australia's pre-colonial history. 

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