Dutch Survivors

The White Tribe in Central Australia by Les Hiddens on ABC TV, prompted some speculation about survivors of Dutch ships.  In many respects this story seemed far-fetched and it was ultimately declared as a possible blinder by James Stirling to whom a Dutch presence in his new colony was unwelcome. Yet, he had to acknowledge Dutch encounters and possible presence, if not in - but close to his Swan River Colony.

In his book, Journals of several expeditions made in Western Australia during the years 1829, 1830, 183 1, and 1832 published by J. Cross, London, in 1833 described life in the new colony and was used to attract new settlers.  There was no mention of Aboriginals although conflict, like the Battle (Massacre) of Pinjarra had taken place well before his departure.

Nevertheless, there were survivors in the 17th and early 18th Century but this too became prone to speculation and misinformation.  Any evidence was treated as 'circumstantial' even though at time it seemed quite convincing.

Finally, the DNA test that have been done on the Nhunda people may provide the evidence that indeed the crew mixed with the natives and produced offspring.

That time is within our grasp.

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