Captain Cook

Captain James Cook landed on the East Coast of Australia in 1770, as everyone will tell you.

He claimed this part of the country for the English Crown and named it New Wales.  In his journal he noted

Australians on that side of the country are very proud of their history, and rightly so.  However, the history of the West Coast is not so well known, and Captain Cook was never in Western Australia.

" [since I] sic. may land no more upon this Eastern coast of New Holland, and on the Western side I can make no new discovery the honour of which belongs to the Dutch navigators and as such they may lay Claim to it as their property." 

                                                                                     Journal, 22 August 1770 p 387, n. 4

Therefore, he is not as relevant for it happened some 5000 kilometres away, more than the distance from London to Moskow in Russia. 

Nevertheless, we need to look a bit further back at 1616, when Captain Dirk Hartog landed at Shark Bay and as proof of his visit left a pewter inscribed plate. This was 154 years earlier.

Dirck Hartoghs plate

In 2016, Dirk Hartog's visit will be commemorated in all of Western Australia and adding the arrival of Wouter Loos and Jan Pelgrom it means that WA has 200 years added to its Eurpean and Indigenous history.

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