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Willem Janszoon, Captain of the VOC ship Duyfken and his crew landed at the Pennefather River on the western side of Cape York Peninsula becoming the first Europeans to set foot on Australian soil.

Australia's Columbus?


Luis Vaez de Torres from Spain was the first European to succesfully navigate a ship through the straight, now named after him, separating New Guinea and Cape York Peninsula.


Dirck Hartogh, Captain of the VOC ship Eendracht, became the first European to set foot on Western Australia when he landed on an island, now named after him, at the entrance to Shark Bay.


The first printing performed in Australia was an inscription on a pewter plate left behind on Dirk Hartog Island by its founder Dirck Hartogh.


John Brooke, was the Captain of the English ship Tryall which became Australia's first recorded shipwreck when it ran onto reefs north west of Montebello Islands. The survivors managed to sail their longboats to Batavia.


On board the VOC ship Leyden, which was charting Western Australia's coastline, Willemtgen Janszoon gave birth to a son. This was the first recorded birth of a European in Australia.


Jeronimus Cornelisz led the first mutiny in Australia after the VOC ship Batavia was wrecked on the Houtman Abrolhos.

Commander Francisco Pelsaert set up the first court in Australia when he conducted the trial of the mutineers.


Wouter Loos and Jan Pelgrom, two mutineers from the Batavia, were marooned on the west coast as punishment for their role in the mutiny. They were Australia's first European settlers.


The first boat built in Australia was by the 88 survivors of the VOC ship Zeewijck which had wrecked on the Abrolhos. They managed to built a boat, calling it Sloepie, from the wreckage and after being marooned for 9 months, sail it to Batavia. 

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